How we programme

Andro and Eve is interested in content that explores queer stories, often focusing on voices that are otherwise marginalised, to reflect and celebrate the diversity that exists within the LGBTQIA community.

We programme queer film by visiting film festivals around the UK, selecting titles to screen that move us, that will inspire our audience, and represent the broad spectrum of LGBTQIA identities.

We currently have two performance strands for Andro and Eve.

The Kingdom Come drag king cabaret acts as a platform to showcase some of the UK’s most exciting drag kings. For this we usually programme drag kings who are more experienced performers. We do not offer open mic slots for this event. We like to programme acts that are unique, bold and innovative and programme drag kings for each event with a range of styles and skills. We do this through recommendations and our own research.

A Reyt Queer Do, is a queer party series featuring drag cabaret and queer performance. Currently, we are focusing on drag king talent at these events, but this may expand in future to other forms of drag / performance. For A Reyt Queer Do we invite an experienced drag performer to host the evening and offer a series of ‘open mic’ style slots for drag kings. We book these open mic slots on the following basis, giving priority to:

  • Performers that show interest in performing at our events and communicate their willingness to perform within given ‘call out’ periods
  • Performers who are not based in London, in order to meet our aim of developing and nurturing the drag scene in the North of England and specifically Yorkshire.
  • Acts who are brand new or fairly new to performing so they have an opportunity to hone their work. This also reflects the fact that this is an unpaid / expense only opportunity that we recognise is not suitable for more experienced artists.

If you would like further information on our programming policy, or to express an interest in performing at one of our events please contact us using the contact form on this website. Thank you.