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News on Live Events 2021

An update about when we plan to return to in – person events..
A Black, female photographer takes a picture of a Black, femme lesbian wwearing and Andro and Eve logo T Shirt

Our Logo and some LGBTQ+ History!

Exploring LGBTQ+ history, colours and symbols that influenced the Andro and Eve logo.
A white androgynous person sits on a chair in a circle of people. They are speaking and being listened to.

New! Gender Awareness Training

Launching our new Gender Awareness Training session, aimed at staff teams in organisations, public services and businesses.
The words reyt queer quiz are surrounded by uellow and purple question marks on a turquoise background

Quiz Time!

Announcing A Reyt Queer Quiz for Lockdown 3.0!
a zoom video call shows over 20 people onscreen and they are all doing their makeup

2020 In Review

We’re still here, still queer! Time to celebrate the highlights and share some challenges that 2020 has brought.
The words, community survey, are placed on the centre of a pink square tile. They are surrounded by triangle shapes in purple and yellow. The Andro and Eve logo sits at the top, whch features the words Andro and Eve in white, over a purple inverted triangle.

Launching our Community Survey

We want to plan ahead using the views of the LGBTQ+ community that we serve.

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