Two slim, white drag kings dressed like cowboys with cowboy hats and shirts, stand back to back on a stage. They are lip syncing and lit by blue, red and purple lighting.

Drag Kings are part of our Queer Future

A round up from the return of our drag king cabaret, The Kingdom Come in October. Kings galore!
a still from an animated film shows a green and pink galaxy overlaid with a white cut out image of a face with wiggly lines on it. The person has huge wavy hair illustrated by white lines which spread across the screen. Lilac text at the bottom of the screen says ‘its that presence you feel all the time’

New Film – Queer Delight by Alexis Maxwell

We are thrilled launch our new film, Queer Delight by artist Alexis Maxwell. An animated poem inspired by conversations with LGBTQ+ people.
Angel Blaque duck walks onstage under pink lighting. Angel is a Black, femme with pink braids wearing a pale crop top and cute flared mini skirt with chunky white trainers.

The Making of A Reyt Queer Extravaganza

Check out this behind the scenes film about A Reyt Queer Extravaganza
a youthful East Asian drag king stands with his hands together in front of his chest. He is captured sideways onto the camera. He wears a white shirt with balck waistcoat and black jeans with black sequin detailing. He has a thin moustache and black hair with bleach blonde streak worn in a long side quiff.

Meet Sigi Moonlight

Ahead of The Kingdom Come next month we dig deeper with drag king Sigi Moonlight!
a group of three black performers strike poses on a catwalk. The person in the centre wears a gold dress and has gold paper flowing from their body.


Our round-up of A Reyt Queer Extravaganza!
An A5 zine with a cream cover sits on a lilac surface. The cover is covered in a flowing line drawing with blue, lime and yellow fill that seems to depict two abstract figures, flowers and other shapes.Overlaid are the words Fresh Air handdrawn in bold capital letters with blue outline.

Fresh Air Zine is Here!

Our collaboration with Site Gallery’s Society of Explorers is here, exploring LGBTQ+ identity and culture!

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