A turquoise square is covered in glitter that looks like it came from a canon. The words Joyful Noise Zine are in the centre of the image with the words, Submissions wanted below. The image is framed by a wonky pink border with the Andro and Eve logo at the top in purple and white.

Joyful Noise, Submissions Wanted!

Submissions are now open for Joyful Noise

Meet the Judges

Find out about the South Yorkshire creatives that make up our judging panel for Reclaiming the Rainbow

The theme for our zine is…

Announcing the theme for our new zine and another free creative workshop this July!
A 6 stripe rainbow arch curves from bottom left to top right. A pink camera graphic sits on top with the words reclaiming the rainbow beneath. The Andro and Eve logo is shown in pink and white on the top right hand corner on a lavender background.

Reclaiming the Rainbow

This Pride Month we are launching our photo challenge for anyone LGBTQ+ identified and living in South Yorkshire.
A turquoise tile has the words, we are hiring spelled out in scrabble tiles with a rainbow ribbon going across from top right corner to bottom left

We’re Hiring!

We’re on the lookout for a new freelance Assistant Producer.
A Black woman with a turquoise afro sits at a desk with her hand under her chin. She is wearing a white T shirt with craft equipment illustrations on it. Behind her is a turquoise painted wall with a picture covered noticeboard on it

New zine project launched!

And we want you to choose the theme!

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