Safer Spaces Policy

Andro and Eve produce events where we hope our audience, artists, partners and volunteers can all respect and look out for each other and acknowledge our part as individuals in doing that.

Andro and Eve is compliant with the 2010 Equality Act recognising protected characteristics and seeking to provide spaces where those traditionally marginalised feel welcome and celebrated.

Andro and Eve recognises that there’s no such thing as a truly safe space and that claiming to be one can create a false sense of security. However we feel it’s important to have a set of guidelines in order to create a welcoming space. We ask that anyone wishing to attend our events read and be understanding of the following:

  • Identify your own privilegesthe things that give you an easier ride than others, and actively challenge them.
  • Be aware of the different kinds of identities (gender, race, sexuality, class) that people may identify with and avoid making generalisations or assumptions about people, particularly based on physical characteristics.
  • Use language that affirms people’s identities and is careful and respectful of other people at all times. E.g. It’s always good to use they / them pronouns and use gender neutral language when addressing someone. Behaviour or language that marginalises or perpetuates hierarchies will not be tolerated.
  • Respect the physical space and look after the building the event is in, as a resource for all. Andro & Eve work closely with trusted partners whose space we will likely want to use again.
  • Be aware that anyone in our space could be a survivor of any sort of oppression such as racism, transphobia or violence.
  • If you witness or hear oppressive behaviours language, please challenge this, or if you do not feel comfortable, bring it to the attention of the Andro & Eve team. If we ignore these behaviours then we are complicit in it, which is not acceptable to us.
  • Please respect the emotional and physical boundaries of others in the space. Boundaries are different for each person. Generally, we would expect that you do not touch anyone who you have not built up trust with. Similarly, please respect the physical space of our artists and performers.
  • We ask that you only take photos or videos of people you personally know, (except for our artists). Many of our community may not be ‘out’ in different situations so it is important the safety of everyone is respected in this way. 
  • While our many of events are spaces with alcohol present, we ask that you respect other people’s wish not to drink, and to remain in control of your own person. If you are found to be severely intoxicated and pose a risk to yourself or others, you may be asked to leave.

Although we’re a small team, we can be here to support you and listen. If any conflicts with other attendees do arise, we can help engage with the person by explaining their harmful behaviours. If necessary, and dependent on the wishes of those affected, we will ask them to leave.

For every event, our event manager (clearly identifiable) will be on hand to help with potential issues related to the above guidelines so, if needed, you’ll be able to bring up any incidents.

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