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We are the creators of drag King cabaret, The Kingdom Come, showcasing drag king talent from across the UK, and queer cabaret A Reyt Queer Do which provides a platform for emerging talent. We also produce one off film screenings, often with themed décor, treats, live performance or director Q&A’s.

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Our drag king workshops are fun, physical, suitable for all abilities, and explore gender as performance. We have collaborated with drag kings including, Adam All, Sigi Moonlight, and Christian Adore to help participants create their own drag king characters. 

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Gender Exploration workshop

Developed in 2021 and delivered for several festivals, both online and in person, this workshop provides space for those questioning or wanting to explore their own gender.

Using conversations and creative exercises, including creative writing and movement, this workshop helps participants reflect upon and be inspired by different ways to express gender in their own lives, rather than on stage. It is intended as a space for self-reflection and connection for people of marginalised and diverse genders.*

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*We use the term ‘marginalised’ to describe anyone who feels that their gender expression or identity means they may face discrimination in society today.


We offer training for businesses and organisations in gender awareness. Enabling your team to better serve and meet the needs of clients, customers and service users of all genders. Drawing upon our extensive experience in meeting the needs of the LGBTQIA community in creating safe and inclusive events, this session covers terminology, best practice, and practical exercises to develop understanding. Get in touch to find out more.

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