CEO / Creative Producer

Katherine is passionate about sharing queer culture with an audience; because representation matters, and seeing aspects of their life reflected in film, music and performance has been the catalyst to accepting their own queerness. Katherine founded Andro & Eve to make space for better representation and put community first. 

A creative producer specialising in participatory arts, Katherine has 15 years experience delivering creative workshops and projects for a range of organisations. These have included The Extraordinary Orchard Park Paradewith Handmade Parade, for Hull 2017, UK City of Culture. From 2013 – 2016 Katherine worked on Right Up Our Street in Doncaster and delivered a programme of participatory arts projects in collaboration with residents of one ex-mining community.

Katherine programmes and produces each event and is the lead facilitator for our ‘gender as performance’ workshops. A huge fan of all things drag kings, Katherine can often be found seeking out live performance and gigs across the North of England.




Lola believes that providing safe spaces and stages for the LGBTQ+ community is essential for us to celebrate queer culture, promote belonging and nurture talent. This is why she loves what Andro and Eve represent.

Specialising in people, organisational development and leadership, Lola has dedicated her career to working in the NHS. Lola collaborates with healthcare professionals to enable the improvement of patient safety and the provision of high quality patient care.

Lola has previously co-presented a radio show showcasing South Yorkshire talent as well as creating, curating, and playing records at various club nights.  




Ellie is passionate about the celebration of arts and culture, which she believes is integral to a person’s social and emotional wellbeing. As a loud advocate of the LGBTQ+ community, Ellie believes that representation is key.

A partnerships manager specialising in the education and charity sector, Ellie has an abundance of experience in developing strategy and forging strong bonds between organisations that align towards a common goal. 

Ellie is a huge fan of the grassroots music scene in Sheffield, gardening, beer and video games.


A volunteer sits and operates the sound desk at Andro & Eve's queer party.


We work with a small but dedicated team of volunteers who give their time to help make our events so special. From decorating, to baking, greeting our audiences, to selling tickets they are a vital part of what we do. We basically think our volunteers are wonderful and we’re very thankful for their contribution to our beautiful queer community. We’re always interested in working with new people, so if you’d like to get involved, drop us a line.


We work with a wide range of artists from across the UK and filmmakers working both nationally and internationally. Artists who have appeared at previous events have included drag kings, Adam All, Louis Cyfer, Sammy Silver, Zayn Phallic, Chiyo, Don One, Benjamin Butch, Luke Warm, Sigi Moonlight, Romeo De La Cruz, Oliver Assets to name a few. We’ve also hosted performances by poets Dylema and Ella Otomewo, Maz Hedgehog, Victoria Firth. We’re passionate about nurturing and platforming new talent too through our workshops and queer cabaret, A Reyt Queer Do. 


Your donation will be used to help us continue to support queer artists and culture.

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