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‘Had a fantastic evening at Kingdom Come #3 in Sheffield. The acts were amazing, but also the organisers were lovely and genuinely disability friendly. It was the first place I’d felt welcomed rather than barely tolerated in a long time. I’m a bit in love with everyone involved and can’t wait for the next one’.

Thanks to A/E for putting on events I always want to come to. It reminds me that there a vibrant and positive queer community in this city. 

Cool space, banging host, music amazing, the spoken word poet blew my mind.

‘Fun, provocative and inclusive’


Thanks! Has been so lovely. Was v anxious at first, but left feeling so positive, clear headed and forward – looking.

I appreciated the space to experiment, explore ideas and change my mind

‘I have never solo performed, so this just showed me I can do it. Even if it’s pants. I survived!’

‘I’d been having some issues reconciling my being Trans Masculine with doing Drag – I couldn’t see the line between the two. The resources provided have made it really clear for me. It’s been really affirming to know that there is a place for the kind of Drag I could see myself creating, as opposed to just conventionally attractive people passing on stage – and that being it.’

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