Are your events accessible?

Yes, we will always aim to be in venues that have access for wheelchairs and disabled toilets.

I’m not LGBTQIA identified. Can I come?

YES! Our events are for everyone however you identify, whether LGBTQIA, or an ally, man, woman, non – binary, genderqueer, older or younger, we are here to ensure everyone feels welcome. We operate a safer spaces policy in recognition of the fact structural inequality exists and many people are marginalised from other types of spaces, or events. We ask that you respect this and other attendees of events. Otherwise, come along!

Where do you do your events?

We operate on a pop up basis, meaning we move around depending on the type of event we’re producing. However, we can guarantee a cosy vibe, accessibility and a warm welcome. We always make sure toilets at our venues include an all – gender option.

Do you offer discounted tickets?

We currently offer a reduced rate ticket for those on lower incomes, which is self assessed by audience members against a checklist of indicators. We also offer free tickets to refugees and those seeking asylum. These tickets are supported by generous donations through our pay it forward ticket fund and sponsorship from local businesses.

Can I come on my own?

Yes! We have lots of people who attend our events on their own. We hope in future to introduce specific ways for those flying solo to enjoy the events together. But generally, our crowd is friendly, and the relaxed vibes enable people to get chatting.

Can I bring my teenager / friend who is under 18 and loves drag?

Sorry, no. Our events are currently for over 18’s only. Some of our workshops will be offered to other ages, but these will be clearly labeled.

How can I get pre-sale tickets?

To guarantee you get tickets for our sell out events first, sign up to our mailing list here. We also sometimes send out ticket offers to other cool shows / events in Sheffield too.

Do you provide breakout space for those with sensory issues?

As we grow, we will be in bigger spaces where this will be easier to offer. Our current venues often have lobbies or foyers / bar areas. Where possible we will always be explicit as possible as to our venues’ amenities. If you do have specific access needs, we’re very open to conversations about how the event can be made more accessible. You can contact us here.

I’m deaf. How can I access the events?

With our film screenings, where possible, we will always screen with subtitles. Though on some films, this is difficult to do, within our budget and time limits. With live events, we aim to raise funds to provide BSL interpretation. Please ask if you have questions about specific events.

Are there hot drinks / non – alcoholic options for drinks?

There will always be hot drinks and good non – alcoholic drinks options at our events. Cake goes too well with tea to not offer this!

Can I get involved?

Yes! If you can spare occasional weekend afternoon and evenings, then you are welcome to volunteer as part of our event team. Currently we are unable to offer any other volunteer opportunities. We normally expect our volunteers to help set up events, assist members of the public during the events, and clear down at the end of the night. In return we will feed you, (probably including cake!) and you get to sit down and watch all the performers / films for free and work with a team of lovely bunch of people. You can e-mail us here if you are interested.