Gender Awareness Training – Launching our New Sessions! 

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We’re pleased to announce the launch of new Gender Awareness Training sessions.

These sessions are available to book for business and organisations who want to support teams to meet the needs of clients, customers and service users of all genders, particularly those who fall under the Transgender umbrella. 

We’ve been delivering our Main Gender Awareness training session over the last two and a half years, to a whole range of organisations from sectors including health, education, youth services, local government, charities, culture and business. 

In this time, we’ve listened to participant and client feedback and revised the main session content several times in response to this feedback and the changing landscape here in the UK in relation to transgender rights. This has enabled us to keep meeting our clients where they are, and supporting teams to feel more confident in discussing transgender and non-binary rights and implementing equitable practices in the workplace.

We’ve also expanded our trainer team, taking on experienced and highly qualified professionals well used to supporting different groups’ learning and who have plenty of experience developing training content that supports equitable practices for marginalised communities.

Gender Awareness Training, new sessions available to book

In response to client feedback and the need to challenge dominant narratives about the lives and rights of trans people here in the UK, we have developed three new Gender Awareness Training sessions. These sessions will raise awareness of different issues affecting trans and non-binary people in the UK today and are pitched at different levels to support team members at different stages of learning and development. 

So what’s on offer? 

Firstly, for organisations looking for a shorter session for those new to the subject of transgender equality, our Online Intro Session is a great first step towards supporting teams to feel more confident when discussing gender and trans rights. This 1 hour session can be delivered for up to 30 people online. 

For those who have perhaps already had some workplace based LGBTQ+ Awareness Training, or feel confident in their knowledge, and are looking more specifically at developing teams’ awareness of the issues affecting trans / non-binary and gender expansive people, our Gender Beyond the Binary session can provide this more focused training. This session is available to book online or in person as a 2.5 hour session or online only as a 1 hour session. 

Finally, the Going Further Session is designed to deepen participants’ knowledge of gender, sex and the most pressing issues affecting trans and non-binary people, further increasing the confidence of participants to support trans, non-binary and gender minoritised people in professional and social situations. This 2.5 hour session is aimed at those who have already undertaken our Gender Awareness Training Main Session or who have already undertaken LGBTQ+ Awareness Training in the last two years. It can be delivered online or in person. 

If this sounds like just what your organisation is looking for, you can find out more details about the range of training we offer on our Gender Awareness Training page.  Our sessions can be delivered both in person and online and our tiered pricing helps organisations of different sizes access this important resource. 

For many trans people, 2023 has felt like an onslaught, in terms of the legislative threats to safety and dignity, ever increasing wait times to access gender affirming healthcare and the ongoing moral panic around trans lives supported by the press and media. 

We believe that providing access to knowledge, leading research and best practice researched and delivered by those with lived experience, along with space to discuss the practical implementation of policies and practices that can support trans and gender diverse people to live freely and authentically, is an important part of the fight for transgender liberation and gender equality. 

Start your organisation’s journey towards equitable practices and policies for trans and non binary people by finding out more about our Gender Awareness Training today.

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