New Film – Queer Delight by Alexis Maxwell

a still from an animated film shows a green and pink galaxy overlaid with a white cut out image of a face with wiggly lines on it. The person has huge wavy hair illustrated by white lines which spread across the screen. Lilac text at the bottom of the screen says ‘its that presence you feel all the time’

We are thrilled launch our new film, Queer Delight by artist Alexis Maxwell. We commissioned this film after an open call this summer. 

Queer Delight is an animated poem inspired by conversations with LGBTQ+ people. It explores and celebrates how delight is experienced in the queer community through mesmerising visuals, music and text. 

We’re also happy to be able to offer an audio described version of the film too. Audio description has been provided by Adedamola Bajomo. Just scroll down to play the audio described version.

Alexis Maxwell is a contemporary storyteller based across the North. Using a blend of text, tech and animation they explore ways of interpreting everyday experiences into creative oral history. Self-taught animator and long-time fan of all things spoken word; they draw from interdisciplinary practices to breathe life into poetry.

They love art that embraces a sense of self and community; exploring how diverse voices and experiences can come together to overlap and intersect. But most importantly they love the pursuit of joy and all the challenges that come with it. You can follow Alexis on Instagram here.

We hope you enjoy the film as much as we do, and it brings you plenty delight! 

Film and music by Alexis Maxwell
Audio Description by Adedamola Bajomo
Commissioned by Andro and Eve 2022
Supported using Funding from Arts Council England.

Fresh Air Zine is Here!

An A5 zine with a cream cover sits on a lilac surface. The cover is covered in a flowing line drawing with blue, lime and yellow fill that seems to depict two abstract figures,

Take a breath of… FRESH AIR! We are delighted to launch our new zine, in collaboration with the Society of Explorers!

The Society of Explorers are an art collective of 14-18 year olds based at Site Gallery in Sheffield. We delivered our Gender Awareness Training to the Explorers, to share knowledge on how to celebrate and support people of all genders.

A detail of a double page spread in an A5 zine shows a colourful cartoon titled ‘Kiwi’s gender journey’ in a cute and detailed style
Young People from Site Gallery’s Society of Explorer’s created beautiful content for Fresh Air Zine

The full colour zine is full of the young people’s creative responses and includes poems, cartoons, drawings and recipes that aim to raise awareness of issues faced by the LGBTQ+ community and celebrate queer identity and culture.

Inside you’ll also find gorgeous artwork by artist Luci Pina, who has designed this unique zine. This collection of creative work by the young people will leave you full of queer joy and feeling inspired to make a change.

Artwork by Luci Pina, who was chosen by us and the young people to design Fresh Air zine

Fresh Air zine is offered for FREE because we believe that we should all have access to culture and community.

However, if you are able, we would encourage you to add a donation at checkout. 50% of those donations will be donated to SAYiT Sheffield, who provide support and opportunities for LGBTQ+ young people. The remainder helps support our mission to support LGBTQ+ artists and celebrate queer culture.

Order your copy of Fresh Air zine via our online shop now! 

Our thanks in producing this zine go to Peter and Alfie from Site Gallery. A huge thank you to Luci Pina for her creative vision and hard work, and to all the young people from Society of Explorers who contributed their work.

If you have a group of young people you’d like us to work creatively with, or would like some Gender Awareness Training for your organisation, please feel free to get in touch!

Open Call – Digital Film Commission

a pink square has the words Open Call i white text overlaid on two jaunty indigo rectangles. The background has a dotty texture fading to a deeper pinky purple with a wonky turquoise border at the bottom.

We’re very excited to launch an open call to find an artist to create a digital film on the theme of ‘Delight’. 

Queerness is something that an individual experiences in their own way. What delights you as a LGBTQ+ person? What delightful experiences would you want to convey to other LGBTQ+ people? What sensory delights have meaning for you? 

Many LGBTQ+ people have suffered from disconnection through the pandemic. Finding and feeling delight can be healing. Many of us are still unable to be physically together, and this commission is intended to bring delight to LGBTQ+ people who are still isolated as well as the wider community.  

We imagine that this short film will primarily be shared via technologies like mobiles and tablets, but we also intend on it being displayed in a physical location or locations later in 2022. We want to ensure the film is accessible, and can support you to make sure it is accessible to deaf people and people with sensory processing issues.

We use the term ‘artist’ to encompass people working in illustration, animation, moving image, and a myriad of other mediums. As long as you can produce something to be experienced digitally then this opportunity is for you. 

This commission is aimed at emerging or mid – career artists identifying as LGBTQIA and is open to artists based in the Midlands or North of England only. 

Commission: 5 days at £250 – £1250.00

Materials or equipment costs covered up to £100 

Timeframe: Final film to be completed by 20 September. 

To apply for this opportunity please send us an email to [email protected]

Please include

  1. Your name and pronouns
  2. Where you are based. 
  3. Your social media and / or link to website
  4. Links to 2-3 previous examples of your work. 
  5. 100 – 200 words about what ideas you’d like to develop for this commission; responding to the theme of ‘delight’
  6. A brief artist biography

If you have any questions about this opportunity please don’t hesitate to drop us a line. FAQ’s will be posted here as they emerge.

As well as supporting a wide range of artists, our team have lived experiences that enable them to support inclusive practices. We particularly encourage submissions from those currently under-represented within the UK arts sector, including those of Black, Asian or other Global Majority ethnicities, those who have faced socio – economic barriers, those who identify as LGBTQI+ and those who are disabled or neurodiverse.

Deadline for submissions 9am Friday 22 July.


How long should the final film be?

We do not expect the film to be any longer than 7 minutes, and anything between 3 – 7 minutes is what we’re expecting. We’re happy to discuss this further with the artist we commission.

I am based outside of the North of England or the Midlands, can I apply?

Sadly not. This opportunity is only open to creative people and artists based in these regions, in order that we fulfil our mission to celebrate and represent LGBTQ+ people in the region in which we are based.

Open mic slots available!

A white drag king, Sveto Slava wears a white suit and open necked white shirt. He is a white drag king with has shoulder length brown hair. On his forehead a giant eye is painted and he stands on a warmly lit stage with his hands either side of the top of his head.

We’re reyt chuffed to be providing some open mic slots for emerging acts at A Reyt Queer Do 6 on Sunday 12 June. This queer cabaret event, is our belated 5th birthday celebration, and is at Sidney and Matilda in Sheffield city centre. 

This event, hosted by scene legend, Sadie Sinner is about platforming emerging queer performance talent. Whether you’re a new act, or you have new work you want to test out in front of a friendly live audience, we’d love to hear from you.

Drag, comedy, clowning, queerlesque, song, anything goes, as long as it will entertain. In return for you performing one 3 – 5 minute act we’ll provide refreshments and up to £50 to reimburse any expenses. You’ll also receive a few photos of you performing shot by a professional photographer. We just need you to be available from 3.30pm on the day of the event.

To apply for one of our open mic slots, please send us

  • The name of your act
  • Where you are based
  • How much experience you have (no experience is fine, but its good to know)
  • Your act’s tagline ( if you have one)
  • Your act’s bio – this is more relevant for drag, but it should give us an idea of your stage persona, and what’s important to them.
  • A 2 – 5 minute video showing us an extract of your act or performance. If there is already a video online of you performing this act somewhere, you can send us the link.

We understand the pandemic means you might not have had any performance opportunities before, so if the video is you sharing your talents at home, thats fine! We’re just looking for people who will entertain our crowd. More information on the access provisions in the venue can be found here.

Send the above info to [email protected]

Deadline to apply: 10am Wednesday 1st June. Priority for slots will go to those based in Yorkshire. We look forward to hearing from you! If you have any questions please drop us a line.

Maz Hedgehog performs at A Reyt Queer Do 5, 2019

New Freelance Opportunities!

A Black femme presenting person with braids wearing an off the shoulder top is speaking into a microphone held by drag king Luke Warm. Luke, immersed in the audience of a cabaret is lit by pink lighting and he has short blonde hair and moustache and wears a colourful patterned suit

We’re delighted to share news of two exciting new roles for Andro and Eve!

We are looking to recruit both a Freelance Producer and Freelance Marketing and Communications Assistant who are familiar with South Yorkshire and the North of England. 

We have secured funding from Arts Council England and match funding from The Civic, Barnsley, and the University of Sheffield. This is supporting a programme of arts and culture activity happening in Sheffield and South Yorkshire between May – October 2022. 

This encompasses online drag king workshops, queer dance and movement workshops, two cabaret events, and a large scale mixed performance event featuring LGBTQ+ artists from across the North of England. The latter is a collaboration with Manchester’s Ghetto Fabulous.  Further details about our current programme can be found on our website and in this blog.

Freelance Producer Role

Andro and Eve is looking to work with a Producer on a freelance basis with a strong set of skills and experiences and a commitment to care centered working practices.

We use the term ‘producer’ to mean someone who makes things happen. In other industries, they are often referred to as project managers, or coordinators. This role will assist with the work of programme production, which includes monitoring, evaluation and some marketing. The Freelance Producer will support with all production activities across the programme outlined above, and some related to the general activities of the organisation. 

This freelance role is designed to both increase the capacity of Andro and Eve to deliver our programme and to give someone with producing or project management experience the opportunity to develop specialist knowledge and further understanding of a community focused arts organisation.

  • Contract – Freelance
  • Fee – £210 per day x 15 days
  • Benefits – Accessibility Training given
  • Contract Period – Between 18 Jul – 6 November 2022

If you like making live events happen, bringing people together and are committed to working in ways that are equitable and prioritise care, then this opportunity could be for you.

Freelance Marketing and Communications Assistant Role

Andro and Eve is looking to work with a Marketing Assistant on a freelance basis who is familiar with South Yorkshire and the North of England, with an enthusiasm for and skills in marketing. 

The freelance Marketing and Communications Assistant will support with all marketing, outreach and communications activities across the programme outlined above, and those related to the general activities of the organisation. This role is designed to give someone with some marketing experience the opportunity to develop specialist skills and knowledge.

  • Contract – Freelance
  • Fee – £130 per day x 12 days
  • Benefits – Accessibility Training given
  • Contract period – Between 12 July – 31 October 2022

If you love social media, sharing a message with a wider audience, and connecting people and communities, then this opportunity could be for you.

As well as supporting a wide range of artists, our team have lived experiences that enable them to support inclusive practices. We particularly encourage applications from those currently under-represented within the UK arts sector, including those of Black, Asian or other Global Majority ethnicities, those who have faced socio – economic barriers, those who identify as LGBTQI+ and those who are disabled or neurodiverse.

To find out more about the roles and apply, please download the relevant job pack. You are welcome to apply for both opportunities if you wish, but please consider the responsibilities of the role and where your skills are best suited. 

Freelance Marketing Assistant Role – Deadline for Applications: 9am Tue 28 June

Freelance Producer Role – Deadline for Applications: 9am Fri 1st July

When applying for either role we also ask you to complete our online Equal Opportunities form. 

We look forward to hearing from you! 

Party Pals – New for 2022!

Four white people, three with long hair and one with a buzz cut stand together posing. The two people in the middle hold up sticks with red paper lips on them to their mouths

Party Pals is a scheme designed to help solo partygoers meet new pals

We’ve listened to our community feedback (thank you to everyone who completed our most recent community survey) and have a new scheme designed to help make our in person events more accessible!

We realise that sometimes, you want to attend an event, but for whatever reason, you’re flying solo but you’d rather have some pals to meet! Thats where our new scheme Party Pals comes in!

Three Black women stand in a huddle in conversation with one holding her hand out
Make some new pals via our Party Pals scheme!

You can get involved by simply completing our Access Form and asking to be part of the Party Pals scheme. Then you’ll need to arrive fairly soon after doors open on the night of the event, and we’ll invite you to join our dedicated Party Pals space so you have the chance to meet other folks. Our friendly volunteers will be on hand to make introductions.

Our newest event A Reyt Queer Do 6 will be our first roll out of this idea, so if you grab tickets for the event, you can complete the access form and get involved! We hope its the start of more connection for our community through our events.

A Reyt Queer Do 6 is on Sunday 12 June!

Speaking of which, A Reyt Queer Do 6 at Sidney and Matilda this June, is going to be a real treat. We’re VERY excited that founder of the Cocoa Butter Club, Sadie Sinner is the host. Find out more and book here!

Back with a Bang!

a group of Black, female and femme dancer strike poses onstage lit by blue lighting. They wear bright orange jackets and tight black dance wear.

We are super excited to share that we have received Arts Council funding enabling us to produce a programme of live events and talent development opportunities in South Yorkshire this summer.

In a new partnership with The Civic, Barnsley, we will be collaborating closely with Manchester’s Ghetto Fabulous, to bring Sheffield a ‘Reyt Queer Extravaganza’ this July. What’s that? – we hear you cry! Well…

A Reyt Queer Extravaganza, hosted by writer, director and actor, Rikki Beadle Blair, will showcase some of South Yorkshire’s most exciting queer performance talent, as well as dancers and drag artists from across the North of England, alongside community participants who want to show off their fabulous selves.

Ghetto Fabulous. Credit Fotocad.

In the run up to A Reyt Queer Extravaganza, due to take place iconic Sheffield venue, The Leadmill* on the 30 July, Andro and Eve and Ghetto Fabulous will host a series of ‘Feeling Fabulous’ workshops for members of the LGBTQ+ community to participate in. These will happen in both Barnsley and Sheffield. The aim of these workshops is to help participants feel more confident, gain some dance and performance skills, and develop a short performance to be showcased at the Reyt Queer Extravaganza.

We’ll also be bringing our drag king cabaret, The Kingdom Come back to Sheffield in October. Plus another edition of queer cabaret, A Reyt Queer Do in June, which platforms emerging queer performance talent, as well as hosting online drag king workshops in May with drag king Christian Adore, and a Gender Exploration workshop at The Civic in June.

three white people look upwards with smiles and eyes closed as they enjoy glitter being thrown over theirselves in a dark party setting
A Reyt Queer Do will be back later this year – Credit Ndrika Anyika

Finn Warman, Artistic Director for Andro and Eve says; ‘We’re absolutely delighted to be back producing accessible events to celebrate queer culture where everyone is welcome. Through the pandemic, we’ve continued to bring our community together with online workshops and smaller in person events. However, we’ve not been able to produce the scale of events we were known for before 2020’.

Finn continues, ‘We’ve been in talks for a long time with Ghetto Fabulous to bring to Sheffield the sort of events you’d see in Manchester, and are just so chuffed to have secured the funding that will allow us to do this and make this work accessible. We’re also really excited to be able to provide larger platforms for South Yorkshire queer artists and space for the LGBTQ+ community to come together and celebrate their resilience and joy. Our offer also includes digital engagement, enabling those more comfortable with online activity, to engage with our programme’.

The Kingdom Come will be back in Sheffield this September. Image credit Ndrika Anyika.

David Sinclair, Head of Visual Arts and Engagement at The Civic says ‘The Civic is really excited to be partnering with Andro & Eve and Ghetto Fabulous on this landmark queer event for South Yorkshire. Part of our organisation’s core values is to amplify the voices of those typically marginalised in the arts. Therefore, we are delighted to be able to provide these events and workshops to offer an amazing platform for our home grown queer talent, as well as providing opportunities for our LGBTQ+ community to develop new skills but more importantly celebrate queer joy and have fun!’

The Andro and Eve community together in 2018. Credit Ndrika Anyika.

Alongside this programme of work, we’re super excited to announce our first project for teenagers in South Yorkshire, in a partnership with Site Gallery. In collaboration with Site Gallery’s young people’s group, Society of Explorers, we’ll be producing a new zine themed around our Gender Awareness Training, which aims to help organisations and groups build more inclusive practices for transgender and gender expansive people. An open call for participants aged 14 – 18 will be announced soon.

We want to hear from queer performance artists living in South Yorkshire that may want to be part of our events in 2022. Keep an eye on our social media channels for further artist opportunities and freelance roles to be announced soon. Tickets for A Reyt Queer Extravaganza will go on sale at the start of May. Make sure you’ve signed up to our newsletter to bag early bird discounted tickets for what promises to be a night to remember!

Thank you all those who have supported us throughout the last two years. It has taken a lot of effort to survive through the pandemic, and bring this programme to fruition. But we’re so excited to be back to live events and we can’t wait to see you soon!

*make sure you’ve also signed the petition to save the Leadmill and change Section 25 of the Landlord and Tenant Act.

Not Safe to be Me

a pink tile with white writing states ‘It’s not a ban if it has exemptions’ Ban Conversion Therapy.

As a member of LGBT+ Consortium we wholeheartedly support their stance and the position of Stonewall to boycott the ‘Safe to be Me’ conference in response to the Government’s U turns on the banning of conversion therapy here in the UK. Read their full statement here.

A quick recap in case this is news – the Government said they would ban conversion therapy for LGBT+ people. Then last week they said they would not. Then they decided they would, but not for transgender and non binary people. Appalling. 

The ‘Safe to Be Me’ conference was to be the UK’s first global LGBT+ conference bringing together organisations and governments from across the world seeking to advance the rights of LGBTQ+ people. You can read more about it here.

LGBT Consortium have had over 125 LGBTQ+ and ally organisations send their support for the withdrawal from this conference until the UK Government includes transgender people in the ban on conversion therapy. This includes Andro & Eve.

Allies – what can you do? Write to your MP urgently! Ask them to put pressure on the government to reverse this decision and give trans people the same protections as LGB people. The link above will take you to Stonewall’s website where you’ll find a template. Trans rights are under attack here in 2022. Trans and non binary people need your active support now.

We stand with our trans and gender expansive siblings and all those who oppose this injustice. With love, Andro and Eve x

Share your Views!

a turquoise square is scattered with orange and pink triangle shapes with the words 'Community Survey' in white text in the middle. The Andro and Eve logo of inverted purple triangle and white text sits at the top.

We’ve launched a new Community Survey to help us listen to our LGBTQ+ community.

As we emerge from the pandemic we are keen to plan events and activities using the views of the LGBTQ+ community which we serve. You might be ready to attend huge in person events again, or an online workshop is more your thing. Or is there something we haven’t yet delivered you want to see? Let us know!

You can complete the survey here.

If you leave your email address you’ll be entered into a prize draw to win a bundle of Andro and Eve merchandise including one of our logo tote bags, badges, stickers and postcard pack. The winner will also receive a copy of our most recent zine, Joyful Noise, plus a copy of queer words anthology, We Were Always Here. A runner up will win a logo tote bag of their choice.

Win all these goodies by completing our Community Survey!

The survey takes just 5 – 8 mins to complete and we’d love to hear from you. Closes midnight on 18th April.

Share your views here.

We’re Hiring!

a set of cream tiles with black lettering spells out 'We are hiring'. The tiles are laid on a hot pink surface with iridescent sequins scattered around.

We are looking to recruit one or two freelance Gender Awareness Trainers based in the North of England with a strong set of skills and experiences.

Contract – Freelance

Fee – £300 per day

Benefits – Training given including shadowing

Contract period – ongoing.

The Gender Awareness Trainer/s will facilitate our Gender Awareness Training. This is a bespoke, interactive training session we have developed and designed, which we deliver for a range of clients across the North of England and the UK. Its aim is to help organisations better meet the needs of audiences, service users and clients who are transgender or gender expansive. Find out more here.

A really informative and useful session with practical examples of things you can change both personally and within your organisation to be more inclusive.

– Previous Training Participant

This freelance role is designed to both increase the capacity of Andro and Eve to deliver Gender Awareness Training and to give an experienced facilitator the opportunity to develop specialist skills and knowledge. Training will be provided.

If you have experience of delivering workshops or training sessions, want to develop your skills and work with an arts organisation committed to tackling structural inequality, then this opportunity could be for you.

As well as supporting a wide range of artists, our team have lived experiences that enable them to support inclusive practices. We particularly encourage applications from those currently under-represented within the UK arts sector, including those of Black, Asian or other Global Majority ethnicities, those who have faced socio – economic barriers, those who identify as LGBTQI+ and those who are disabled or neurodiverse.

While our training offer is available for companies across the UK, and we frequently deliver online sessions, we tend to mostly work with clients based in Yorkshire and the North of England. Therefore the ability to travel easily to locations in South and West Yorkshire and the North of England is important.

You’ll find everything you need to know about the role and how to apply in the job pack. Should you have any questions or would like to have an informal conversation about the role before applying, there are further details in this pack about this.

Deadline for Applications – 9am Tuesday 3rd May.

Interviews will take place in the w/c 9th May

Download the Job Pack below.

We ask that those applying complete our Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form which can be found here. A link is also in the Job Pack.

a purple rectangle is scattered with pink shapes with the words 'Gender Awareness Training' in white writing in the centre. Above is the Andro and Eve logo with turquoise inverted triangle overlaid with white text.

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