Back Together – so much queer joy!

a slim, olive skinned drag king with brown, waist length hair and dark moustache sings into a microphone. He is wearing a sequin black suit with white shirt and bow tie, and smouldering eye shadow. He stands in a cafe with exposed brick walls with warm lighting.

Earliler this month we launched Joyful Noise zine with a cosy evening of food, hot chocolate, zine making and drag performance from drag king, Christian Adore at Sheffield cafe, Birdhouse Tea Bar and Kitchen.

Guests loved having Christian Adore serenade them!

It was wonderful, if a little surreal to be back together in person again. Once we’d got our heads around the extra safety precautions to manage COVID, we all got in the swing of creating an atmosphere of celebration and joy that Andro and Eve is so known for.

There were plenty news faces at the event, and Seleena Laverne Daye, the artist who curated Joyful Noise zine also joined us. Our fab volunteers helped show folk how to make their own mini zines, and seeing the results was a delight!

two youngish white queer people are sat at a table looking at a young, white woman with long hair who is showing them how to fold A4 paper into a mini zine
The Andro and Eve volunteer crew sharing how to make mini zines!

Christian Adore serenaded our guests at their tables, making everyone chuckle with his witty improvised raps, a perfect treat to top of this special event.

a slim, olive skinned drag king with brown, waist length hair and dark moustache sings into a microphone in front of laughing people sat at tables. He is wearing a sequin black suit with white shirt and bow tie, and smouldering eye shadow.

Since the launch we’ve so far managed to raise £235 for Radical Therapist Network’s QTIBIPOC Therapy Fund, which is just brilliant, with stocks of Joyful Noise zine now seriously low.

Joyful Noise zine launch was our first and last IRL event of 2021, but we very much hope (and are planning for) a return to bigger live events in 2022. To help make that a reality, you can donate using the link above. Your support, as always, is so appreciated.

two sets of white hands hold up mini zines with drawings and text sharing joyful things
Zines made on the night of Joyful Noise zine launch

Inside Joyful Noise Zine!

An A5 zine sits on a patterened pale pink background with a splodges of deep pink, blue, jade and yellow. The zine cover is a deep pink felt texture with the words ‘Joyful Noise’ stitched in multi coloured felt letters, below which white text states ‘ A zine about queer joy’.

We’re so happy now that Joyful Noise zine is out in the world. And its been flying out our online shop since its launch on 5th November!

Designed and curated by artist Seleena Laverne Daye, this unique collection of creative works brings voice to a range of LGBTQ+ people in the North of England, sharing the things that bring them joy. It also features specially commissioned pieces by Ruby Ann Patterson and Holly Casio.

Want to get a better idea of whats inside? In the video below, Seleena Laverne Daye gives you a sneak peek inside Joyful Noise zine, with a taste of the poems, drawings, photos, interviews and much more you’ll find within its pages.

Want to get your own copy? Head to our online shop to get this bundle of queer joy now! Joyful Noise zine is offered for free but donations are encouraged. 75% of donations will be given to the Radical Therapist Network’s QTIBPOC Therapy fund. The remainder helps support Andro and Eve’s mission to support LGBTQ+ artists and celebrate queer culture.

Our huge thanks in producing this zine go to Seleena Laverne Daye for her creative work, and to the artists and members of the Andro and Eve community who have contributed their work. We also want to say thank you to all those who continue to support our work. This is very much appreciated and it is an honour to help create space and visibility for our community.

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This zine has been made possible through funding from the National Lottery Community Fund.

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